Increase your GVM and your GCM

200 series upgrades

We are pleased to announce now when you have a Lovells GVM Upgrade fitted to your vehicle your GCM (Gross Combined Mass) will also increase.

What does this mean for your vehicle?  Look for your model here.


– CPA 25742, Toyota Landcruiser LC70 Cab Chassis/Troop Carrier to 3900kg.

(Original GVM is 3300kg)- GCM=7400kg

– CPA 25742, Toyota Landcruiser LC79 Cab Chassis Single Cab 5 Star ANCAP to 4200kg.

(Original GVM is 3400kg)- GCM=7700kg

– CPA 25742-8 Toyota Landcruiser LC76 Series 4 door Wagon to 3660kg.

(Original GVM is 3000kg)- GCM=7160kg

– CPA 28971 Nissan Patrol Cab Chassis Y61 to 3900kg.

(Original GVM is 3400kg)- STATE COMPLIANCE ONLY

– CPA 40257 Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series Wagon to 3800kg

(Original GVM is 3300kg)- GCM=7300kg

– CPA 40257 Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series Wagon to 3800kg

(Original GVM is 3300kg) with 4000kg BTC Upgrade- GCM=7800kg

– CPA 42029 Toyota Hilux 150 Series 4×4 3/05-2015 to 3300kg (up from standard GVM of 2710kg- Extra Cab, 2780kg- Dual Cab and 2835kg- Single Cab)- STATE COMPLIANCE ONLY

– CPA 46728 Ford Ranger 4×4 to 3500kg.  (Original GVM is 3200kg).- GCM=7000kg

– CPA 47037 Mazda BT50 4×4 to 3500kg. (Original GVM is 3200kg). – GCM=7000kg

– CPA 47909 Toyota Hilux GUN126 Series 4×4 2015 on to 3500kg

(Original GVM of 3000kg)- GCM=7000kg

– CPA 47908 Isuzu D Max 4×4 06/12 on to 3500kg (Original GVM of 2950kg)- GCM=7000kg

– CPA 48305 Toyota Prado 150 Series 10/09 on to 3500kg (Original GVM of 3000kg)- GCM=6000kg

We certainly know how confusing this can all be so if you need any clarification please do not hesitate to call us on 0427 761 514 or drop in for a chat we promise we will make it all clear for you.