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GCM & GVM Upgrades

GCM Upgrade and GVM Suspension Upgrades. Why and do you really need one?

As an authorised Lovells agent we can install GVM Upgrade and GCM Upgrade kits with full compliance to both pre-registered or post-registered vehicles. Yes, that means on brand new or new to you already registered vehicles.

We have been proudly fitting Lovells GVM Upgrade kits for over 20 years and now we can also increase your GCM (Gross Combined Mass) when you upgrade. But do you really need one?  Read on…..


You have been doing a bit of research and realise that you probably need a GVM and GCM Upgrade but you are still unsure?  You have probably gotten yourself confused by checking out opinions on the forum pages, maybe Facebook, and you would like to clarify the varying advice you have attained.  We would be happy to give you some good, clear information so you can be sure you are making an informed decision!


Whether you are purchasing a brand new vehicle or upgrading an existing one, we can assist you with information to help you decide whether a GVM/GCM Upgrade is required or not.

Not sure of the lingo?  Let us explain some basics, after all this all might be news to you.

What is GVM?

GVM stands for Gross Vehicle Mass, this is the weight of your vehicle including all accessories, fuel, passengers and luggage and tow ball weight.

What is GCM?

This is the total combined weight of both your vehicle, its payload and what you are towing.  To calculate GCM you add GVM to towing capacity (after Lovells Second Stage Manufacturer GVM /GCM Upgrade, prior it is manufacture specified).

So do you really need a GVM/GCM Upgrade?

We will need to ask you a few questions.  We don’t want to sell you something you don’t need, refreshing hey!!!… So here are some of the questions we will ask you:

What are your plans for your vehicle? What accessories do you intend to fit? What are you planning on carrying and towing?

Are you using vehicle for short or long term travel, or work?

These questions are very important to consider especially if you are buying a new 4×4. For starters, depending on your needs some vehicles just may not be up to the task. We have had many a customer that has underestimated the ability of a vehicle. We live and breathe 4x4s so giving a quick run down of your wish list may save you some serious $$$$ in the long run, it may even save you buying the wrong vehicle for the job!

Whilst Upgrades can be done before or after vehicle’s first registration but you will save yourself some money if you get Upgrade fitted before vehicles 1st rego and your vehicle will be Federally compliant.

Even better news is that if you increase your GVM the GCM (Gross Combined Mass) will also increase which has only been available since mid this year.  (See Values Below)

Federal Compliance explained

Federal compliant vehicle have pre registration certification.  To do this we will need your dealer to supply Vin number and vehicle details prior to registration and we will apply for Federal Compliance and install GVM/GCM Upgrade before your vehicle is registered for the first time.

State Compliance explained

State compliant vehicles will undergo GVM/GCM Upgrade and then we will have our engineer certify your vehicle. Your vehicle will then be State Compliant which simply means if you move or sell vehicle interstate it may need to be approved again by an engineer in that state or territory.  You can however drive vehicle anywhere in Australia and know that you are legally compliant.

Either way you will have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is compliant.

Is your vehicle on this list?

– CPA 25742, Toyota Landcruiser LC70 Cab Chassis/Troop Carrier to 3900kg. (Original GVM is 3300kg)- GCM=7400kg
– CPA 25742, Toyota Landcruiser LC79 Cab Chassis Single Cab 5 Star ANCAP to 4200kg. (Original GVM is 3400kg)-            GCM=7700kg
– CPA 25742-8 Toyota Landcruiser LC76 Series 4 door Wagon to 3660kg. (Original GVM is 3000kg)- GCM=7160kg
– CPA 40257 Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series Wagon to 3800kg (Original GVM is 3300kg)- GCM=7300kg
– CPA 40257 Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series Wagon to 3800kg (Original GVM is 3300kg) with 4000kg Towing Upgrade- GCM=7800kg
– CPA 46728 Ford Ranger 4×4 to 3500kg. (Original GVM is 3200kg).- GCM=7000kg
– CPA 47037 Mazda BT50 4×4 to 3500kg. (Original GVM is 3200kg). – GCM=7000kg
– CPA 47909 Toyota Hilux GUN126 Series 4×4 2015 on to 3500kg (Original GVM of 3000kg)- GCM=7000kg
– CPA 47908 Isuzu D Max 4×4 06/12 on to 3600kg (Original GVM of 2950kg)- GCM=7000kg
– CPA 48305 Toyota Prado 150 Series 10/09 on to 3500kg (Original GVM of 3000kg)- GCM=6000kg
– CPA 48305-1209050 Toyota Prado 150 Series10/09 on to 3500kg (Original GVM is 3000kg) with 3100kg Towing Upgrade- GCM=6550kg

Lovells nominate GCM capacity figures under the Federal and State Legislation as a Second Stage Manufacturer and can legally increase GCM over Original Equipment figures. 

Free Vehicle Weighing Available.

Bring your vehicle to us and we will check the weight and compare it to your allowances for free.

You may be unaware that if your vehicle is overloaded  (exceeding GVM) it might be not be considered by law and insurance companies safe and legal to drive and could void insurance or worse.  This can be quite a worrisome realisation to some.  You have invested a lot of money in a vehicle set up that you thought would meet all the regulations.  The good news is that we can install an upgrade to your vehicle and we will have it fully certified by our engineer.  This certification will be reflected on your registration papers and you will be on your way.

We make GVM Upgrades easy, 2 days and you will be on your way again.

It can be confusing working out GVM and GCM upgrade values so please call us and we will be happy to give you more information and if required organise your upgrade for you. We can also weigh your vehicle so you can know for sure how much your vehicle weighs.  Please feel free to contact us with all of your questions.  Greentree’s Solutions 02 4776 514