“Greentrees, the ones that moved from Windsor to Richmond?”

Yes,  We at Greentrees are building quite the reputation and it isn’t from constantly bombarding media sources with logos and fan fair. They say word of mouth is the best advertising and our customers are very happy to tell everyone that will listen about us. We are becoming very well known for our skill, knowledge, customer service, diagnostic knowledge ( old school knowhow, keep-your-scan-tool-type) and can-do attitude.  You will be hard-pressed to find anyone else with the experience and knowledge than the Greentree Team.  Call us, you will see.

Rest assured, aside from our youthful exteriors,  we are certainly not newbies to the 4×4 business. You will be surprised to know that we have been fitting Lovells GVM Upgrades for at least 17 years. Slow on the onset of maybe 1 per year early on to current times of 4 or more GVM Upgrades per week!! Times have changed for sure.

The Greentrees, Jason and Julie,  are people just like you! I know!  Real people with a real passion for touring the best country in the world, just like you.

Even better, we have the experience and know-how to back it all up and we are busting to share it with you. Just like you we own a 4×4 (well a few but that is a whole other story for when we know each other better, who doesn’t like a project! Julie sighs lol)  and we try to get away as much as time allows.

We feel quite privileged that not only do we have mechanical knowledge but have traveled most of this great country of ours and are experienced to equip you with the necessary information and equipment to see you safe travel.

Take a pre-1969 vehicle to the outback in this day and age!

We have supported the Royal Flying Doctor Outback Car Trek for nearly 25 years as support mechanic and we have prepped up plenty of 4x4s and trek cars to participate.  Getting a pre-1969 vehicle to travel roads that most people might balk at taking a 4×4 on takes serious know-how and we have plenty of customers that will tell you we have it in spades.  We also set up a rally car that competed in the Peking to Paris, an HR Holden in fact.  This car came 10th overall and 3rd in its class.

We stripped a 36ft bus down and rebuilt it into a motorhome and traveled around Australia for 2 years.

We don’t get away as much these days so we find the next best thing is hearing our customer’s plans and helping them set up for trouble-free touring.

From the very beginning the 4×4 touring and camping lifestyle has been us. Jason’s unquenchable thirst for information on how things work has made us leaders in our field and you would be hard-pressed to get better advice anywhere else.  Please have a browse around our website and then give us a call.  We would be more than happy to assist you. Whether you are setting up for the first time or upgrading your vehicle so you can do it all again there is still plenty to learn (in fact with these new vehicles it is a whole new ball game).  We are here to assist you. We look forward to talking soon.