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4000kg GVM *7500kg GCM Upgrade


Are you concerned your 200 Series GCM and GVM is not legally carrying the weight your require of it?  The weight of accessories, luggage, tow ball weight, passengers, fishing gear, water, maybe some beer and wine add up very quickly, especially on the 200 series Landcruiser.

If you think that your vehicle maybe pushing its weight limits you may be relieved to know we can increase your 200 series GCM to an impressive 7500kg (less tow ball weight) and your GVM to 4000kg.

Upgrade can be carried out on brand new unregistered and already registered vehicles.

What do we do?

A Lovells GVM/GCM upgrade requires complete replacement of your existing suspension.  If your vehicle is already registered we will have your upgrade engineered for you and present you with an engineer’s report stating your new GCM and GVM.  If your vehicle is brand new unregistered we will apply for new Federal compliance sticker.  Note: GCM is not noted on compliance stickers.

Why Lovells?

Not all GVM Upgrades are created equal!

Lovells CAN legally revise GCM (Gross Combination Mass) for their SSM Approvals on pre-registration vehicles. It is also important to note that NSW RMS recognise a revised GCM and Towing Capacity Upgrade if endorsed by the inspecting engineering signatory.

We have been proudly fitting Lovells suspension for 25 years, Lovells is an Australian owned company with springs still being made in Newcastle NSW out of Australian Blue Scope Steel.  We are proud to be supporting this great Australian company and their quality products which have proven over and over to be the best.

To find out how we can assist you so you too can wander without worry  Contact us today for more information.

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4000kg GVM 7500KG GCM Upgrade